Where to Eat in Glasgow, Scotland

I visited Scotland in September and the food was amazing. Let me preface this with letting you know that I’m a vegetarian. I don’t eat meat and was about to travel to a country where Haggis is served at every restaurant. If you don’t know what that is, a quick Google search will let you know everything you need to know and more (don’t say I didn’t warn you!). Everyone was asking, what will you eat over there? I heard it so many times over and over again every time I mentioned I was going to Scotland that it had me worried. But I (and everyone else!) could not have been more wrong. I am not over exaggerating when I say that every single restaurant (including the older, more traditional pubs) had vegetarian options. Heck, most even had vegan options. My meat-and-fish-eating boyfriend ate enough fish and chips to last the rest of his life at the same restaurants I found my yummy vegetarian dishes.

Moral of the story, if you are headed to Scotland any time soon, no matter what your dietary preferences are, don’t worry about what to eat. There are plenty of options and it’s all delicious!

  • Bill’s- We stopped here for breakfast on our first morning. We were tired and jet-lagged and in need of a good meal. Thankfully this place was just what the doctor ordered. I ordered avocado toast and it was probably the best avocado toast I’ve ever had (that memory could be slightly influenced by how hungry and delirious I was). My boyfriend and I also ordered a green juice to split.
  • Pret A Manger- They have this place in the states as well. We stopped here for a quick breakfast meal one morning. I got a veggie hummus wrap. It was just as good and simple as it sounds.
  • Wagamama- I’d heard about this place again and again from some U.K. based bloggers who rave about this place. And now I’m raving about it too. It was so delicious and accommodating. They have an entirely separate vegan menu for those who want to eat plant based. My boyfriend and I shared dumplings as a starter and I ordered a pad thai dish as my main.
  • Digiarios- We went here with a big group, to celebrate our friends who had just gotten married. Since we were with such a large group we had a smaller menu to choose from. I ordered bruschetta as my starter and a veggie pizza as my main. I also stole some of my boyfriend’s sweet potato fries, oops.
  • Waxy O’ Connors- A really big, slightly unique pub. You basically walk around and around all the stairs and twists and turns until you see an open table. We went here after a long day of exploring and were so ready for a good meal. I ordered a delicious salad and (more) sweet potato fries.
  • Topolabamba- The most unique Mexican restaurant I’ve ever been to. This was on the last night of our trip and we felt like we had our share of Scottish pubs, so we opted to try something different. We got chips, guac, and salsa to start. I ordered a filling veggie burrito as my main. We each got margaritas as well!

Have you ever been to Scotland? If so, what are your restaurant recommendations?


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