Where to Eat in Edinburgh, Scotland

As I mentioned in my Where to Eat in Glasgow, Scotland post, the food in Scotland is amazing. And Edinburgh is no different. Here are places we decided on and I can honestly say that I’d recommend them all!

  • Greyfriar Bobby- This just happened to be our favorite restaurant of the whole trip, hands down. It had AMAZING food and such a great atmosphere. It was just the kind of restaurant I expected to eat at in Scotland. The restaurant has a really cool story behind it as well. Apparently, Bobby was a dog that visited his owner long after his death at the cemetery behind the restaurant (which just so happens to be the same cemetery that J.K. Rolling got her inspiration for many of the names that appear in the Harry Potter books!). I got some kind of vegetable pie dish and it was So. Dang. Good.
  • Pret A Manger- We ate here again one morning. Oops. It’s just so fast and easy!
  • King George IV’s bar- Another great place we went to after a day of exploring. We hadn’t eaten since that morning so when we were walking into the restaurant after 4pm, we were hungry. I got a salad and sweet potato fries (if I see them on a menu, I can’t resist). I also got an amazing mojito to sip on.
  • The Royal McGregor- Another yummy place along the Royal Mile. My boyfriend and I got bruschetta to start (THE best bruschetta I’ve ever eaten) and I got a quinoa salad as my main. I also sipped on some prosecco.
  • Tigerlilly- The most Instagram-able restaurant I’ve ever seen. Absolutely beautiful interior. I got avocado toast. My boyfriend and I shared some waffles.

This last place isn’t in Edinburgh but I didn’t want to leave it out!

  • Nicky Tam’s- The cutest hole-in-the-wall straight-out-of-a-movie pub. There was literally only one server/bartender and about 10 feet of space in the whole place. We stopped in here after exploring the Stirling Castle and loved it. It’s only about an hour by train from Edinburgh. I got a delicious vegetable soup and garlic bread. I also sipped on a gin and tonic.

Have you ever been to Edinburgh or Stirling? Are there any other restaurants you would recommend?


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