What to do in Glasgow, Scotland

Let me begin by saying there is A LOT to do in Scotland. We were there a week and only visited three cities because that’s all we had time for. There is so much more that we would have loved to see and do (#1 being to see more of the countryside and the beautiful Highlands. Also, riding on that Harry Potter train? Yes please.). I could have easily stayed two more weeks and not run out of things to do. However, what we did have time to see and do, we absolutely loved.

University of Glasgow- This is a beautiful, old gothic-style university. Some parts of it looked like it could have come straight out of Hogwarts. One of my best friends (and the reason we went to Scotland in the first place) is completing her doctorate there so it made it even more interesting to me to see the amazing place she got to do her studying!

Kelvingrove Park- This is a beautiful park we walked through on the way to the University. It almost had a Central Park feel. And So. Many. Dogs.

Mar Hall- I don’t know if this could actually be like a place to just stop by and see but it happened to be where the wedding reception we attended was held and it was gorgeous. If you are able to check it out I would definitely recommend. It has a beautiful interior and even more beautiful exterior. The views were amazing.

Buchanan Street- This street definitely has that New York City feel. It reminded me a little of Fifth Avenue. If you want to go shopping, this is the place. I loved getting to see the U.K.-only stores.

If you’ve been to Glasgow before, are there any other places you would recommend?


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