What to do in Edinburgh, Scotland

As I mentioned in my What to do in Glasgow, Scotland post, there is so much to do in Scotland! We could have explored for days on end. Here is what we got up to in Edinburgh.

  • The Elephant House- The place where J.K. Rolling wrote Harry Potter! So cool to see. I didn’t get anything there but my boyfriend got a coffee. There were pictures of her in the back and the bathrooms are covered in Harry Potter quotes.
  • The Graveyard- The place where J.K. Rolling apparently got some of the names for the characters in her book. We didn’t actually find any of the names (there are articles online that give you step by step instructions) but just seeing it and being able to say we were there was enough for us.
  • Calton Hill- This place has great views and its just a short climb. It is basically a mini Parthenon.
  • Arthur’s Seat- This place has even better views. But it is a long and hard climb. Don’t try to wear any shoes other than hiking boots or quality, sturdy tennis shoes. Also, if you’re afraid of heights, definitely go to the first trail, not the second. I learned the hard way.
  • Royal Mile- The first time walking through this is so magical. You really feel like you’re in a European city. The architecture is amazing. The pubs are endless. There is so much to see.
  • Edinburgh Castle- A must-do. Lots and lots of people but a good experience. The castle is also beautiful from a distance, but it is cool to go inside. We bought explorer passes and got to skip the line and go straight in.
  • The Boy Wizard Store- This is very much a tourist thing but I’m very much okay with it. It was so worth going in and taking a look around. I’m a huge fan of the books so it was great to check out all the memorabilia.

This last place isn’t in Edinburgh but just a short train ride away in Stirling.

  • Stirling Castle- Our absolute favorite stop in the trip! This castle is so underrated. AMAZING views. We lucked out and even got to see a rainbow. We were told a lot more about the history at this castle, which was super interesting. We also had a nice worker give us some pub recommendations. We used our explorer passes for this castle as well. There were less people in line than Edinburgh castle but we still got to go straight in. (Believe it or not, we got our money worth just going to the two castles. Highly recommend).

Have you been to Edinburgh? What else would you recommend?


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