3 Tools for Productivity

I’m all about anything that makes for a more efficient way to get the important things done. I like to make the most of my time and am always up for hearing about tools that will help me do just that. Here are three picks I’ve discovered over the last year.

  1. The Productivity Planner: I can’t rave about this one enough. I have used this off and on throughout the last year. It is a night and day difference from the weeks I do use it to the weeks I don’t. I feel so much more on top of things and as if I am actually accomplishing all of the tasks floating around in my head. I simply have not found a system that works quite as well for me as this one. I think I will continue to repurchase this item every time I fill it up! My mom purchased this first one for me from a store in SoHo in New York which only makes me love it more.

2. Bullet Journal: There are a million ways to use a bullet journal. Since getting mine over a year ago, I have used it mainly for my monthly budget spreads and that has worked well for me so far. I have also used it for things like Christmas gifts to keep track of everything I’ve purchased or need to purchase for loved ones during the holidays. In the future I would like to utilize this more for various types of lists. A quick Pinterest search will give you numerous ideas. I have never gotten as artistic or elaborate as a lot of examples you’ll see but keeping it simple works for me. I opted for a plain black notebook I found a target but I’m sure there are numbers options of styles and colors.

3. The Simplified Planner: I’m totally a paper planner type of girl. I’d much rather have it all laid out in a physical copy in front of me than on a screen. That said, this is the planner I’m using for 2019 and it is the first time I’m using a planner from this brand. I love the challenge to be intentional with the time you’re given. I chose this pretty pineapple cover but there are so many cute options. Emily Ley, the woman behind the brand has also written a couple of books.

Do you use any of the tools mentioned above? Is there anything you would add to the list?

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