3 Simple Moving Tips

I recently moved into a new condo and found it to be an exciting but long and tedious process. There are definitely steps that can be taken to make the whole thing go as smoothly as possible. Here are my 3 simple tips for a headache-free move.

  • Label your boxes

This goes without saying, but it is extremely helpful to label your boxes. This is especially important if you cannot quickly see what is inside (ex. cardboard boxes instead of sealed clear plastic tubs). The more detailed you are in your description, the more helpful it will be come moving day. I have heard of people buying small, colorful, circular stickers frequently used in yard sales to color-code boxes according to room. I love that idea, but in the interest of saving time and money I simply cut old construction paper that I already had lying around. I taped a written description of what was in each box, how fragile it was, and what room it belonged in.

  • Pack a suitcase

This tip is one that will save you a lot of time with just a little prep work. I did not actually utilize this step when I was moving, but looking back I wished that I had. The idea is to pack a suitcase or overnight bag with what you will need for one or two nights. This will help the first couple of days in your new house feel a little less frazzled. Items that could be packed in the suitcase or bag could include toiletry and skincare items, PJs, and toilet paper. Instead of spending 20 minutes looking all over your new house for the box you stuck your toothbrush in, you will be thanking your former self knowing you have it neatly packed away will all your other essentials in one place.

  • Make a “moving day” box

This was the tip that made the biggest difference for me, not only on the moving day itself but the whole first week that I was living in my new place. The idea is to pack a box full of helpful tools for the process of moving in and getting settled. These were items that I kept coming back to several times a day. It could include things like basic cleaning supplies, paper towels, a pair of scissors, a roll of tape, a box of tissues, and tools such as a screwdriver, hammer, and tape measure. You can keep it with you on the car ride over to ensure that it doesn’t get lost on the moving truck or shuffled around among other boxes when bringing items inside.

While I am far from an expert mover and this is no where near an exhaustive list, I wanted to share these tips for anyone who may be feeling a little overwhelmed and need a starting place. 🙂

What moving tips would you recommend?


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